Giovenzana International B.V. Safety Solutions

Giovenzana is a company with over 60 years of history and it is today a reference for: automation, lift and elevator technology, handling systems, ATEX and IECEx systems.

La Giovenzana develops components with different applications in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 Quality system whilst always keeping an eye on the environment, in compliance with ISO 14001:2015. Products are used in areas where security is key, and for this reason all European and International security standards are met.

AUTOMATION: a wide range of automation products help our partners in solving technical or safety problems. Automation range includes: Phoenix cam switches from 12A to 200A, Regolus switch disconnectors from 32A to 160A, Auxiliary controls (Pegasus, Orion and NEMA Series), Limit switches, Foot switches and Micro switches.

LIFT AND ELEVATOR: throughout the years, continuous technological research and development has made Giovenzana the undisputed leader in its field. The range includes: pit bottom push button stations, recall drive control units and inspection boxes.

HANDLING SYSTEM: lifting equipment comprises single and double row pendant stations up to 14 buttons for control and direct switching, position and rotary gear limit switches, slip rings, warning horns, busbar conductor rails and festoon system.

ATEX and IECEx: Giovenzana has obtained the important certifications for ATEX and IECEx company system (QAN and QAR) for the potentially EXplosive ATmospheres. ATEX is the European Directive mandatory in conformity with the International Standard EN 60079 – IEC 60079.