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Intellimech is a private consortium composed of small, medium and large enterprises, aimed at interdisciplinary research in the mechatronic field.

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The Consortium

The consortium was founded in Bergamo in 2007 and is aimed at interdisciplinary research in the mechatronic field to be applied in a variety of different industrial sectors. Intellimech’s dimensions make it one of the most important Italian private initiatives in this field, thanks to the involvement of a considerable number of companies of different sizes, from a variety of different fields and operating over a vast territorial area spread around the whole country.

Open innovation

Intellimech is a smart consortium which is acknowledged in the territory, bringing together enterprises within a network of knowledge and cooperation, constructive dialogue, exchange of ideas and strategies. It represents a beacon of innovation for all its members.

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The technological park

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Technological Fields

Intellimech provides research and consultancy on technological processes and end products and carries out trials for future applications. It also establishes relationships with universities and research institutions.


Thanks to Intellimech, corporations can become part of a cultural framework capable of connecting them to a new perspective; in which diversity becomes a strength and the sharing of knowledge and experiences becomes a fundamental growth factor and a stepping stone towards the future.