We bring Artificial Intelligence to SMEs by making AI accessible to everyone

Oròbix is a tech company from Bergamo with 10 years of experience bringing artificial intelligence to companies. Getting AI closer to lines and operators through ready-to-use solutions designed to solve industrial problems, supporting technicians in asset management, maintaining high quality levels and reducing operating costs. Not only products, but also innovative managed services: deployment in production, monitoring and governance. As a result of this approach, Oròbix was named in the 2021 Gartner® “Market Guide for Artificial Intelligence Service Providers”.

Oròbix embraces open and shared innovation, as stated in the company’s Manifesto, which defines, among its core values, the desire to keep learning, sharing and turning AI into reality: “We make AI happen. We are at our best together when we share visions and circulate knowledge.” The Oròbix ecosystem includes Oròbix LIFE, a start-up focused on Healthcare and Agrifood and Antares Vision Group, an Oròbix’s industrial partner, global market leader in inspection systems, track and trace and smart data management solutions