Creating the best possible dialogue between comunication systems and data management.

Phoenix Informatica was amongst the first companies in Italy to provide services of Information Communication Technology, more than 25 years ago.
Phoenix Informatica has built its organization on the idea that technology should be in the service of human intelligence and not the other way round. The range of services and the positive results on the market prove this to be the right choice.

Phoenix Informatica is active in three main correlated areas of intervention: implementation of internet connectivity services in areas of high digital divide with carrier-grade transport capacity; implementation of data center services / cloud / set up / management of BigData and Application Cloud servers; implementation of Internet Service Provider in support of enterprise Cloud.

The outcome is, above all, the ability to break down the digital divide, with a 100% level of service continuity leading to the possibility of creating high-efficiency IT and ICT configurations. The core of Phoenix Informatica’s vision is very specific: to create the perfect conditions for the customer to achieve maximum benefit from the use of communication technologies. Therefore, the company takes charge of designing projects and operative ideas in three areas of intervention: connectivity services, communication infrastructures, monitoring operational efficiency and technological updates.