We design, certify and manufacture solution to protect workers’ lives

Inspired by values such as the centrality of human life, the passion for innovation and the dissemination of safety awareness, Somain Italia has a clear vision: ” To be the arms that save workers’ lives and protect their dreams”.

For over 15 years Somain Italia, with the Genesi brand, has accompanied in the process of making plants safe: from the inspection with risk assessment to the supply of material and product certificates, up to after-sales assistance, maintenance, and training of employees. A complete, certified, and safe system.

Genesi by Somain Italia guarantees workers’ safety at height and in confined spaces in residential and production buildings, and in the management and maintenance after systems installation.
Today Somain Italia is present in Europe: Spain, Holland, Belgium, Lithuania, Germany, Austria, Scandinavian Peninsula, Estonia, UK, Ireland, Greece, Serbia, and Croatia. Non-EU countries: Singapore, Israel, Australia.