The best partner in turning technology

DMG MORI Bergamo has been manufacturing multi-spindle, sliding headstock and turret automatic lathes for almost half a century and has always been involved in producing high-tech machine tools, offering customised set-ups for each customer.

The company was founded in the 1960s as an all-Italian business and is well established in the social fabric of the Bergamo area, dealing with the production of lathes, with a particular focus on the production of customised machines to meet customer requirements.

The plants are, therefore, developed around the workpiece, aiming to optimise cycle time and achieve high productivity standards combined with high quality.
More than 200 employees and a production capacity of around 600 machines per year are the numbers of a successful plant equipped for the future.

The main success factors of DMG MORI Bergamo are:

– A competent and dynamic team
– Flexible production that guarantees high product quality
– Maximum efficiency and attention to customer requirements