Smart solutions for feeding yarns

Since 1982 L.G.L. ELECTRONICS has been developing and manufacturing electronic yarn feeders for weaving and knitting machines. The group includes 2 sister-companies: ELSY committed to developing and production of electronics for the industry and LGL HANGZHOU (China) producing and selling feeders meant for Far-Eastern markets.

The growth of the group is linked to a corporate philosophy basing its strong point in the own intellectual property. The path of innovation and upgrading of the corporate know-how, passes through constant evolution of the technological assets, protected by over 200 registered patents. Innovation is the expression of our entrepreneurial culture that merges Art & Avant-Garde Design and combines fruition with functional qualities.

LGL has been first in the world to realize feeders able to program the desired tension and keep it constant; today they can communicate with Windows and Android systems, sending information to mobile phones or tablets. For long time we have been persevering in development of technology with low environmental impact; since 2011 our feeders are “GREEN CERTIFIED” granting high efficiency and drastic reduction of energy consumption.