S.A.L.F. S.p.A. – Producing Pharmaceutical Injectable Solutions Since 1921

Founded in 1921, SALF specializes in the production of injectable products for both national and international markets. Today, the company is present in more than 40 countries abroad. SALF is continuously searching for new partnerships and currently offers more than 170 products for export.
Ever since it was founded, SALF has been supplying hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics. Special attention was always given to product lists and production technologies and processes. Obviously, always with respect to the highest quality standards.
The main raw material for the production of SALF’s solutions is water, which is used in the production of pharmaceuticals in ampoules, glass and polypropylene bottles as well as polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, and PVC free bags. The products are subdivided in pharmaceuticals for human use, pharmaceuticals for veterinary use, medical devices, and products in contract manufacturing.
All of SALF’s solutions are developed and produced internally. The machinery and processes used are at the industry forefront and are tested and controlled in our own labs.
Today, SALF covers the surface of 17.000 meters square (divided between production departments, laboratory, warehouse, and offices) and employees 190 people.