The Longhi Group, founded in 1948, is a brand recognized all over the world, an international synonym for quality stretched mesh.

The Longhi Group Companies stand out among all manufacturers thanks to the quality of the workmanship and their inimitable range of semi-finished products in expanded metal, capable of satisfying all the needs of industrial components, the filtration and separation sectors. Our offer also includes a wide range of products, solutions and services for construction, architecture and carpentry.
The production of mesh for the automotive sector has also been consolidated for several decades, with innovative developments. In fact, thanks also to new technologies, such as the batteries of the most modern means of automation, we supply our products to the global market, always using cutting-edge materials.
The ethical vocation of the group has led to fully satisfy the energy needs of production through renewable resources. Since 2010, photovoltaic systems have been installed on the roofs of our production buildings, currently, our systems have a total power of almost 3 megawatts, this also leads to a substantial saving of Co2 released into the atmosphere.