From Wine Barrels To Telemetry

Vin Service was founded in 1976 by Riccardo Guadalupi, whose innovative idea of pouring wine using draft equipment for beer with nitrogen gave the company its first big customer: Autogrill. Since then Vin Service has soared: today the dispensing equipment for beer and soft drinks designed and produced by the company is sold in over 90 countries worldwide. Included among its customers are the five groups that account for 80% of the global beer market.

In 2010 a new approach based on lean philosophy was implemented, transforming the production system and tightening the cooperation with the local supply chain. Vin Service has implemented Industry 4.0 and developed its own “smart factory”. For example, each worker is equipped with a tablet that assists them during the many phases of the production process and creates a bidirectional communication channel between production planning and assembling. In this way anyone can promptly report non conformities, search and use assembling instructions and have access to technical details to better carry out the tasks.

The same attention to cutting-edge technology is also applied to the product portfolio. Vin Service coolers feature IoT and telemetry systems, which allow them to track their performance and consumptions. Also dispensing towers now implement smart technology, and feature a touch screen and probes that can record statistics on the use of the equipment and the consumption of each beverage.

Vin Service is part of the Aalberts Industries Group, a Dutch giant with a turnover that reaches 2.6 billion euros, 155 branches and 16,000 employees worldwide. The Aalberts Dispense Technologies division, which includes Vin Service, Taprite, Schroeder America and DSI, has a yearly turnover of 90 million euros. Together, these four companies can offer a complete range of dispensing solutions. With headquarters in Italy, Germany and the USA, Aalberts Dispense Technologies serves customers all over the world.