Solutions For The Automation Of Assembling Processes

Cosberg is a point of reference in the field of mechatronics, robotics and in designing and creating machines and modules for the automation of assembling processes. Since 1983 it has been studying, designing and building fast, reliable and flexible solutions for both complex devices as well as small units: rotary tables, linear machines with a free pallet system, robotic systems and a wide range of standardized modules.

Solutions designed for a variety of sectors: automotive, furniture accessories, electrics, electronics, cosmetics, household appliances, audios, videos as well as eyewear, jewelleries, watchmaking and fashion accessories.

The technical audacity, the use of increasingly advanced technologies and the steady investments in scouting and R&D activities have played a major role in making Cosberg a firm of international scope. Today more than 70% of total turnover comes from worldwide exports, making Cosberg a national leader for excellence and innovation, with a number of awards and recognitions received through the years.