Miraitek: Partner of the Future

Miraitek, from the Japanese word “Mirai” (“future”) combines academic research, industrial engineering expertise and technological innovation. Industry 4.0 “Boutique” Miraitek collects the most innovative tools to support its customers throughout the digital transformation. The Miraitek team helps customers by defining the project requirements, identifying the best technical solution among its offerings and integrating the product in the customer’s architecture.

Miraitek’s team of experts turn operating data collected from the field into high value-added information that enhance company’s competitiveness. Thanks to its preferred relationship with the main automation technology providers, Miraitek is able to support the customer throughout the digitization process. Data collected from the field are read and analyzed by a team of experts to identify inefficiencies and criticalities.

A spin off of the Politecnico di Milano, Miraitek reviews customers practises and introduces innovative solutions to increase company’s productivity and competitiveness. Miraitek expertises cover different aspects of production plant management: operations management, product lifecycle management, maintenance management and supply chain.

Miraitek transfers the results of the Manufacturing Group’s research of the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano to the companies.